The cigarettedesigner is a software tool which allows you to design papers for your cigarettes with respect to certain design goals. It predicts smoke yields and ventilation parameters for the chosen cigarette design based on your data on tipping paper, plug wrap paper, cigarette paper, filter and tobacco rod.

The new version 4.1 of the cigarettedesigner has been significantly improved in functionality and design compared to the previous version 4.0 by including on-line perforation and banded cigarette papers for low ignition propensy (LIP) cigarettes. In addition recent research results including the influence of diffusion capacity to the cigarette paper on smoke yields have been included in the mathematical models.

  • Prediction of smoke yields for alternative smoking regimes with arbitrary puff profiles
  • Puff-by-puff yield analysis for ISO and alternative smoking regimes
  • Prediction of yield effects from switching to banded cigarette paper for LIP cigarettes

The software also features a problem solver which helps to determine certain paper parameters such as tipping paper permeability, plug wrap paper permeability and cigarette paper properties for given design goals, e.g. the degree of filter ventilation, "tar", nicotine or CO.

The software is free of charge, but in order to use the full functionality you have to register on this webpage.

Requirements Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
File Size Program file 2.3 MB
  Manual only 0.6 MB

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